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Father and Son’s Moments

It’s More Fun in the Philippines visiting Enchanted Kingdom 🙂 It was the first time that we, Father and Son, had a bonding in School Fieldtrip last Saturday, January 17, 2015. Here are some of our picture moments taken in different places on that day.

Charles was very excited to go inside the Theme Park


Meet Eldar the Wizard, Charles, and Daddy O!

wpid-ibphotocollage20150127_124859.jpgCharles is checking out the time for his stay at the pond.  He’d like to stay there for an unlimited hours…


…and Daddy O is smiling about his reaction 😀   wpid-20150124_170529.jpg

his favorite spacecraft figure, the astronaut.


2015-01-24 14.46.12

And, meet some of his friends / classmate at the park for group picture.




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