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Seedstars World Global Winner! Salarium from the Philippines

Congratulations to The Grand Winner of the Second Edition of Seedstars WorldSalarium , a leading payroll and ERP servicse based in Philippines.  It is a Cloud based Payroll service for his Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.

Among Ten finalist of the Final Competition , Judah Hirsch from the Philippines, CEO of Salarium, was crowned the “Seedstars World Best Startup 2014” for his payroll SaaS Solution.
-page 7 of 18, SSW Final Event Report

Judah Hirsch

“Glad to be back home with my family after one of the craziest, intense, exciting, fruitful weeks of my life. Met some of the coolest entrepreneurs on the planet and I think we all had a life changing week.‪”

Judah Hirsch, CEO of Salarium (content from Newsletter Seedstars World SA)

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Prior joining the Final Event in Geneva, Salarium was named, “Best Startup in the Philippines” during Seedstars World Manila event in 2014



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