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Your Future in DIGITAL and COMPUTING Career Begins Here…

iACADEMY is Information & Communications Technology Academy that established in 2002.


iACADEMY will shape the course of your future with 3 capital letters.  “C”, “B”, and “D” ” C” means COMPUTING, “B” means BUSINESS, and “D” means DESIGN. It offers 4 – year course in the following areas. School of COMPUTING, School of BUSINESS, and School of DESIGN.

  • School of Computing– it offers 3-degree courses with specialization in Software Engineering, Game, and Web development.  If you are an enthusiast in designing, coding, and want to sharpen your skills or talent, then this degree course is right for you.

1.  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Software Engineering

2.  Bachelor of Science in Game Development

3.  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Major in Web Development

  •  School of Business– it offers 2 courses for BSBA withspecialization in Financial Management and Marketing and Advertising.

1.  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management

2.  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing and Advertising

  • School of Design

1..  Bachelor of Science in Animation

2.  Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design

3.  Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Technology

Lecture Room

Each room can accommodate from 20 to 30 students.  It has also a Computer sets, LCD Projector, and / or Cintiq device use for visual and live demonstration while the lecture is on-going.


Computer Laboratory

2015-02-18 16.22.15

2015-02-18 16.20.292015-02-18 16.22.45

Each Computer laboratory contains a maximum of 30 computers with different Hardware and Software specification.  This is 1:1 ratio.  1 PC Machine per Student.  Meaning no sharing of workstation.

30 units Windows PC’s 30 units of iMAC 30 units *Cintiq Laboratory Room

*Cintiq – is a tablet/screen hybrid, a graphics tablet that incorporates an LCD into the digitizing tablet itself, allowing the user to draw directly “on” the display surface.  – wikipedia –

2015-02-18 13.36.00 2015-02-18 13.36.10 2015-02-18 13.36.38

Safety and Security 

The first floor is where the main Entrance and Exit is located, guarded by skilled Security Personnel. iACADEMY is equipped with CCTV / IP Cameras monitored 24/7 from Main Entrance up to the Roof Deck (RD).

Elevator / Lifting Car

There are 3 elevators at iACADEMY, All in perfect condition for the Students, Faculty Staff and Guests convenience also equipped with CCTVs.


Located near Makati Financial District (CBD). iACADEMY is accesible to public and private transport You can reach iCAADEMY via in Senator Gil Puyat Ave. (Buedia) or in H.V. Dela Costa St, Makati City

2015-02-18 13.24.46 2015-02-18 13.25.37

Practical Learning / Internship Program 

Students who are on their terminal year will enjoy working on the corporate world. They allotted 1,000 hours to render undergo internship program with school industry partner both local and abroad. Those companies have MOA with the school so there is no need for the student to be afraid of to excel in their chosen and want to pursue right after graduation.  To sum up, this On-The-Job Training is equivalent to 3 to 4 months if work as full time.

Highly Skilled Teaching Personnel

Students can expect high caliber of Professor / Instructor teaching from Minor to Major Academic Subjects. The same thing in taking up Elective subjects.  Students are advised to take elective subjects in preparation for Industry Certification Program.  Some students already certified prior or after graduation.

Technical subjects or those specialized course’s major are handled by Teaching Staff with specialization in their field of expertise.  Those staff are also have daytime job such Software Architect, Animator, CPA / MBA and to name a few.

Industry Accreditation and Recognition

  1.  IBM Center of Excellence (CoE) – iACADEMY is the first in the Philippines and the ASEAN region received IBM Center of Excellence (CoE)


  1.  WACOM – iACADEMY also as the first college to become Authorized Training Partner (technology based learning)

wacom Technical Training for Professionals

iACADEMY also offers technical training program to professionals like Project Management.  The training is tailored made to the students which also depends on the requirement of their employers.

Fashion Tech / Sewing Room This room is tailored fit for students who are taking up Fashion Design and Technology

2015-02-18 16.35.23

2015-02-18 16.36.21

Mural Paintings The fire exit (stairs) is where these murals were at display. iACADEMY students made this all!wpid-20150218_1637440.jpg wpid-20150218_1630000.jpgwpid-20150218_162308.jpg   wpid-20150218_161401.jpg Photos taken outside the school building 2015-02-18 13.35.02 2015-02-18 13.25.23 2015-02-18 13.20.05wpid-20150218_132018.jpg

To know more about iACADEMY, send an email to or call (+632) 889 – 7777

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