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WD My Passport Ultra 2Terabytes (2 TB) – Review


WD My Passport – Brilliant White

Looking for portable storage of data, file, music, and even photos are very important nowadays.  It’s not only storing them in your personal computer or laptop but, we also keep them and make readily available anytime and anywhere.

Below is my personal review of my WD My Passport Ultra with 2TB of capacity.  Yes, it’s 2 – Terabytes.  Could you imagine how many photos, music files or even videos can I save on this storage device?

When you plugged in the device, go your computer management to know the number of disks installed. “Disk 0”  is your default hard drive installed in you computer.  “Disk 1”  is your external device.  Your WD My Passport unit.

Here’s the actual image how did I know the capacity of my drive including the “Used” and “Free” disk space.

Disk Management

Computer Disk Management

Storage Capacity, Compact, and On the Go device

My WD Passport Ultra device is 2 Terabytes. This is also my On-the-Go storage device as the size is is perfectly fit in your hand.  The weight is also light.  It’s official weight is 0.50 lb (0.23Kg).  So you can bring your digital data anytime and anywhere.


Backup and Restore

My Passport hard drive feature WD SmartWare Pro backup software that allows me to perform back-up to the drive unit itself.  IT could be  manual process- Meaning this is this is the simple way of transferring you data from your PC going to your My Passport device.  Or, Automatic back-up- once the device is connected to your Windows PC or to an iMAC.

WD Backup Setup

Initial Backup Setup

Note:  Please the Warning message carefully. WD cannot retrieve your password. If you forget your password, you will permanently lose access to your data. If you erase or reformat the drive, the password will be removed.

Password Protection

No need to worry if someone stealing or copying your digital content without your knowledge as WD My Passport Ultra have WD Security feature. WD Security is very useful in protecting your files from unauthorized use or access.  All you have to do is enable it. Just like that.

  1.  Just activate and put password on the device.  Ensure not to forget the password as there is no turning back if forgotten.

Set Security Password          Unlock Drive

2.  When setting up the password on the My Passport, you have the option to “Enable auto unlock for this computer”.  This is your Windows device.

ways to Unlock WD My Passport         Security is enabled on this device

3.  Otherwise, it will ask you to unlock or you need to provide the password every time you mount or connect your My Passport to our PC.  Once password validated, it will tell you “WD Drive Unlock” “Drive Unlocked”.  Meaning, you may now start accessing you My Passport.

Drive Unlocked


WD My Passport is compatible with my Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers.  It also compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2012.  Being said, yes it is also compatible with this server.  It’s a Plug and Play device.  But you need to install the software first to enjoy its functionalities.

WD Apps Setup   Standard Installation WD Security is ready     Installation Complete_01

How about Non-Windows product?  The answer is Yes.  It is compatible with MAC.  But not tried it yet because I only have Windows machines 🙂

Also take note that “Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system”

Transfer Rate

My Passport Ultra access and save files in fast mode if you plug it to your USB 3.0 port.  How will you know if you are plugging into 3.0?  Well, just look for the color of the port. It’s color blue.  This is very common.  Using this portlet you transfer data 3x faster than using USB 2.0

On this image, I connected My Passport to USB 3.0


How will I know if My Passport is connected to 2.0? It will prompt you to use USB 3.0 if you are moving or copying bigger files.  For example, you are copying a movie with 1.2GB.  It will ask you to connect to 3.0 for faster copying or transferring files.  Simple as like that.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility

Yes, My Passport is compatible with USB 3.0 (ultra-fast speed) and USB 2.0 (common port) devices

Its Design – Ultra-sleek design with high capacity.
At just half an inch thin (12.8mm) for the 500 GB model, this drive is sleek and fast with plenty of capacity for your important digital content. The 1 TB model is a mere 0.60 in (15.3 mm), while the massive capacity of 2 TB is only 0.81 in (20.5 mm).


WD Drive Utilities
We need to register our drive to enjoy unlimited support and updates.

Additional Features

Durable enclosure protects the drive inside.
We know your data is important to you. So we build the drive inside to our demanding requirements for durability, shock tolerance, and long-term reliability. Then, we protect the drive with a durable enclosure designed for beauty.

Powered directly from the USB port on your PC. No separate power supply is needed.

My Passport is ideal for the following:

  1. Transferring files in blazing fast speed with USB 3.0
  2. Connecting to the latest USB 3.0 devices and even backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices
  3. Backing up your files to the local drive with automatic backup softwar
  4. Backing up your files to the cloud using Dropbox
  5. Adding extra storage for your videos, music, photos, and files.
  6. Securing your files from unauthorized access with password protection and hardware encryption
  7. Connecting and powering through your USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 interface

When you buy My Passport, is the following inside.
Portable hard drive, USB cable, WD SmartWare Pro software, Quick Install Guide.

Formatted NTFS + Windows 8 or higher, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP operating systems
Requires reformatting for Mac OS X

Note: Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating system.



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