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Globe Telecom brings Chromecast to Philippines


What is Chromecast?

Chromecast* is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the High – Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI port of one’s television set at home.


Globe Telecom, the country’s number 1 mobile brand offer a revolutionary device which will transform another level of entertainment experience to offer Filipinos a new way of entertainment content which is online .  That’s why, Globe brings Chromecast to the Philippines last September 28, 2015.


How does Chromecast Entertain Viewers?

  1. With Chromecast, customers can cast their smartphones, tablet, or laptop to a bigger screen for better experience specially for more viewers.
  2. Can also be use as a remote control for TV, set-up a party at home with the TV as instant DJ or VJ
  3. Bonding together with family during game -time on their smartphones as controllers
  4. Watch shows that only selected viewers can hear
  5.  View Chromecast – ready applications.

Does Chromecast compatible with any devices?

  1. Chromecast is compatible with Android devices, tablets, iPhones and Ipad.
  2. Chromecast is also available on your Mac and Windows laptop or Chromebook

What are the advantages of using Chromecast at home?

You need to ensure that the device is plug in to an HDM TV and power source to enjoy .  Then download the app on a smartphone device, tablet, or laptop.

Pinoy can enjoy the following apps which are Chromecast ready:

  1. TV and Movies – example HooQ
  2. Games – like “Just Dance” or playing Wheel of Fortune
  3. Sports – example watching NBA online
  4.  Photos and Videos – watching Youtube or Piccasa

Does the device is already available in the Philippines Market?

Yes, the device is already available.  Globe subscriber with Platinum Home Broadband customers can already avail the Chromecast for free starting at Plan 3,749 to Plan 9,999 with free access to HooQ, Spotify, and the NBA League Pass.

“We are excited to be working closely with Google to bring Chromecast to Filipinos who are huge fans of everything entertainment:  from movies, TV shows, games, sports, to photos and videos.  With Chromecast, our customers get instant access to qualify entertainment experience at home as they get to see their favorite content and apps from the small screen to the big screen.  Offering Chromecast supports our commitment to enable the Filipino digital lifestyle further as we provide our customers a platform to enjoy entertainment at the conform of one’s home,” says Dan Horan, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe

To know more about the offers,  visity




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