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[Unboxing] – Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Notebook


Samsung ATIV Book 9 Lite Notebook

Here’s my first unboxing of a brand new laptop which involves taking picture.  Capturing every moments on each angle sounds like I am pretty excited to open it until it gets working.

The Box

The color of the box is White.  It’s sealed and the weight is lighter compared with other to other ordinary brand.  It is also covered with plastic just to ensure it is safe when shipped or delivered in front of your doorsteps.


Removing the cover

Inside the Box

  • The box comes with a Samsung Laptop unit, AC Adapter, VGA Dongle, Manual, and Warranty Card.

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_78 SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_77

The Accessories

AC Adaptor and Power Cord

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_75  SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_72

VGA Dongle


The Laptop Unit

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_66     SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_56

Glimpse of its exterior design

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_55 SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_47

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_48 SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_46

The Complete Package (Samsung Laptop unit, AC Adapter, VGA Dongle, Manual, and Warranty Card)

SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_38 SamsungAtivBook9_ctrlaltosc.wordpress.com_36

To know more about its features, visit the official website and Facebook page:  |



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