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How to get 2GB free Storage on your Google Account?

Every Google Account (for personal use) by default have 15GB total storage capacity for Email, Google Drive, Google Documents, or even saving photos online.

Upon learning this week, Google is giving away additional 2GB storatge for FREE.  All you have to do is to run through the Security Check in your Google Account.


Below are some steps which i tried to my account.

Step 1. Go to your Google Account Settings.  Click “My Account”

Google My Account

Under Account Preferences, select “Your Google Drive Storage”.  Currently, your Google Drive storage is 15GB.

Google Account Storage Default

Step 2.  Go back to the previous page , My Account page.  At the left corner, you will find Security Checkup”.  You will notice that the padlock is still “yellow”.  So, let’s “Get Started”

Security Checkup

Step 3.  Just update all information as you go along the “Security Checkup”.

Recovery Information – includes mobile phone number, email address and security question

Connected Device -list of devices where your Google Account is configured, registered or accessed like tablet, pc, or even mobile phones.

Account Permission – Any related apps, websites, and devices connected to your Google Account. Like, if your account is connected with WordPress, Google Chrome, or Zomato apps like for an instance.

google drive_02

Step 4.  After the Security Check-up, you will notice that the padlock has been “checked” and mark

gmaila ccount

Now, let us validate if additional 2GB were added to our storage.  Go to your “My Account” and check the status of your Google Drive storage.

Google Account Storage

After Security Check completed, you now have 17GB storage space on your Google Account.

Now, it’s time for your account’s storage get update. 🙂



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